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INSM introduces economic reform package 85 percent of Germans want bold reforms

Berlin – Germany needs, wants and is capable of reform. 85 percent of citizens expect bold reforms from the future government. Among those under 40 years, it is even 93 percent, according to a representative survey carried out by the opinion research institute TNS Emnid on behalf of INSM.

  • Education Monitor 2013 Saxony still leading, Hamburg and Bavaria improve the most

    Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg have the most efficient education systems of all 16 states. In comparison with the previous year, Bavaria improved the most. Hamburg and Saxony also had noticeable improvements to show, according to the Education Monitor 2013. The comparative study, conducted by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) on behalf of INSM, analyzed 12 areas and 93 indicators to assess the states’ success in reducing educational disadvantages, training specialists, and supporting growth. This year, for the 10th issue of the Education Monitor, its methodology and the set of indicators were revised.

  • Social mobility study In Germany, social advancement is likely

    In Germany, social mobility is not just a possibility, but actually very likely. Only a minority remains permanently in the lower income brackets, according to the study "Equality of opportunity through social mobility", carried out by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) on behalf of INSM.

  • EU-Symposium in Frankfurt The monetary union needs a market-oriented framework

    It is necessary to secure the continued existence of the euro zone. "In order to maintain the monetary union in its current state, it is necessary to build a sustainable framework for the euro zone now that the crisis management measures are implemented," says former Bundesbank president, Professor Dr. Hans Tietmeyer. On July 1st, a symposium in his honor was held at the Frankfurt Palmengarten casino, during which he officially stepped down from his position as chairman of the INSM board.

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The initiative wants to renew the social market economy of Ludwig Erhard and adjust it to globalization, demographic change and the knowledge society. The INSM stands for a social system of freedom and responsibility. 

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